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Welcome to Kindermusik® with Andrea

Developmental classes for Newborns through Age 3 are led using the trusted Kindermusik® curriculum, which combines joyful musical activities with a nurturing and supportive teaching environment.

Kindermusik® Village Kindermusik® Village - Newborns to 18 Months
Imagine your child swinging softly in a blanket or dancing with you around a maypole. Village provides a delightful environment unlike any other.
Kindermusik® Our Time Kindermusik® Our Time - 18 Months to 3 Years
Can you sound like an elephant? Or hop like a bunny? Our Time encourages your child to uncover an engaging musical world.
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Foundations of Learning

Listening and Attending

Listening is a form of attending.  As you model listening in an activity, and as you patiently support your child's sustained interest in an activity, you are helping him develop an important...

At Home Materials

All Kindermusik curricula are developed with the goal of facilitating music making in the home.  By carefully designing these materials, the authors of the curricula help children and their families make a vital connection beween their...

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Birthday Parties

What better way to make your child's birthday party memorable than by having all their friends (and parents) sing, dance and play together! It's a perfect opportunity to get everyone singing more than just the, "Happy Birthday" song!

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